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Microsoft announces Robot Operating System release for Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it has released an experimental release of the open source Robot Operating System, or ROS, for Windows 10 and the IoT Enterprise version of its operating system. This makes it possible to control robots.

Microsoft explains that ROS consist of a number of libraries and tools needed to build complex robots. Although the name suggests that it is an operating system, it is in fact middleware. According to the company from Redmond, developers can get started with Visual Studio 2017 to set up projects, as explained in a installation manual . There already exists a Linux version of ROS; the differences between this variant and the Windows version are explained by the company in a separatedocument.
Microsoft announces the announcement as part of the ROScon event, where it says Turtlebot 3 demonstrated that the ROS release ‘Melodic Morenia’ runs on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise using an Intel nuc. In addition, it showed ROS on Azure, where the control goes through aIoT Hub. Currently, only ROS1 for Windows is available, but version 2 should soon be available together with documentation.
At the ROS release for Windows, Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Open Robotics and the ROS Industrial Consortium. The latter aims to extend ROS to use in manufacturing processes.
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