Microsoft Announces Adaptive Accessories for Disabled PC Users

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Microsoft introduces its Adaptive Accessories for people with disabilities. It consists of a hub, an adjustable mouse and buttons with attachments. The accessories will be released in select countries on October 25. It is not clear how much the accessories should cost.

The customizable mouse can according to Microsoft can be used with or without attachments. Without those pieces, the mouse has a square appearance with rounded corners. The attachments for the palm and thumb give the whole thing a different look and it is said that the pointing device can be used more comfortably. The mouse remains suitable for left- and right-handed users with the attachments. It will also be possible to print mouse attachments via a 3D printer.

The American company is also introducing a hub, the Microsoft Adaptive Hub. This allows four separate wireless buttons, which Microsoft is also introducing, to be connected to up to three different devices. The connection between a computer and a hub is wireless or via a USB-C connection. Each wireless button can accept eight programmable inputs. The company cites a d-pad or joystick interface as an example. It is also possible to print attachments with these buttons.

With these accessories, Microsoft is primarily targeting people with disabilities, but also PC users who want to increase their productivity. The company mentions that the products will be available in select countries starting October 25. It is not clear which countries these are. The company has not yet disclosed how much the accessories will cost.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has launched accessories aimed at people with disabilities. In 2018, the company introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is an Xbox controller that should help such gamers while gaming.

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