Microsoft and Razer tested mouse and keyboard for Xbox One

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Microsoft and Razer collaborated on testing mouse and keyboard for the Xbox One, according to a presentation. Among other things, they would have Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting technology working on the console.

Microsoft and Razer held a developer presentation earlier this year, according to Windows Central, in which they explained their testing with the Razer Turret keyboard and the BlackWidow Chroma V2. They would also have shown the Chroma RGB lighting in games such as Overwatch and DOTA2 on the Xbox One.

The presentation shows that the Xbox One supports up to five mouse buttons and horizontal and vertical scroll direction for wheels. The Xbox One would otherwise only handle a single mouse and keyboard. Developers will be able to monitor and compare mouse and keyboard usage with game controllers. Microsoft recommends adjusting the matchmaking accordingly.

Furthermore, the presentation emphasizes that the Xbox One will support all mice, including those with RF dongles, with the exception of mice with custom drivers and models that work via bluetooth. The support would come in the Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update, according to the presentation, but Windows Central does not know whether developers can already use it in the test versions of the OS.

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