Micron starts shipping 176-layer nand for faster mobile app launch

Micron has started shipping 176-layer UFS 3.1 nand for smartphones. The mobile memory offers higher bandwidth and lower latency and is more efficient than previous generations, the manufacturer claims.

Micron supplies it UFS 3.1 nand memory with 176 layers in large quantities, so that smartphone manufacturers can integrate it into their upcoming high-end devices. The memory manufacturer mentions benefits including faster app launches and multitasking improvements. For example, performance under mixed workloads is said to be 35 percent better than Micron’s 96-layer UFS 3.1 nand. The latency when reading and writing is said to be improved by 35 percent.

Writing 7GB files of 4K video via mobile internet to 256GB nand would be 15 percent faster with the new generation than with the 96-layer predecessor, Micron further claims. The company also mentions improvements in quality of service and total bytes written, for better latency and stability and longevity, respectively. The company announced the arrival of 176-layer nand in November last year.

Samsung and SK Hynix are now also at 176 layers for their products with stacked nand memory.