Meta’s Decentralized Twitter Competitor Coming Next Month

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Meta plans to release a Twitter competitor this summer. Bloomberg writes this based on conversations with insiders. Social media marketing specialist Lia Haberman claims it will be a decentralized platform and shows an alleged marketing slide.

Tell sources against Bloomberg that this Twitter competitor has been tested with celebrities and influencers for months. It must be a separate app, but users can connect their Instagram profile, so that the followers are automatically transferred. Any blocked words and accounts are also reportedly transferred.

Social media marketing specialist Lia Haberman claims in her newsletter to have received additional information about the app from a content creator. According to her, it will be a decentralized platform that offers integration with other similar networks, such as Mastodon. This would include making it possible to see and interact with posts made on that platform in Meta’s app. It was previously speculated that Meta’s platform, like Mastodon, will use the ActivityPub protocol.

Users are allowed to enter up to 500 characters per post and attach videos of up to five minutes, according to Haberman. In addition, it will also reportedly be possible to add links and photos to a post, and users will be able to like, repost and comment on other people’s posts. While Bloomberg has only been told the app will appear “in the summer,” Haberman claims it could be released as early as next month. She also shows an alleged marketing slide with two screenshots of the app.

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