X begins to deploy the audio and video calling function (but only paying users can use it)

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Audio and video calls are becoming available on X, but only paying users will be able to use them. This is a function that had been announced by Elon Musk at the end of August , but since then we had not had much news. This Wednesday, however, some people have come across a notification that reports the news.

The functionality had been promised by Elon Musk

The message, which appears to be arriving first in the social network’s iOS application, says: “Audio and video calls are here!” As we can see in the screenshots in this article, it also invites users to set the necessary privacy settings to filter who can call them and who cannot.

X now also works for making calls

Once the function is available on your device, to make a call you will have to have an active X Premium subscription and search for the person you want to talk to in the Direct Messages section of the mobile application, enter their chat and press the phone icon. There you will find the two options available: audio call or video call.

Becoming available on mobile devices

Now, as we pointed out above, not everyone will be able to call each other freely. First of all, both users must have the function enabled from the application settings. Second, the call must support your established privacy settings. Let’s see how to configure X calls correctly.

If the feature is available to you, you must go to Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Security > Direct Messages . In this section you will find the option Enable audio and video calls , as well as allow (or not) calls from people in your address book, people you follow, and verified users.

Only X Premium users can use it.

It should be noted that everything seems to indicate that we are facing a gradual rollout of the function, so it may take time for it to be fully available. Musk promised that audio and video calling would come to iOS, Android, Mac and PC, although they are not currently available on all of the aforementioned platforms.

The businessman has also expressed his intention to turn Twitter, now X, into “the all-in-one application” that goes beyond a social network , integrating advanced messaging options, payments, among other functionalities. This is a concept that we have already seen in WeChat , the very successful (and ubiquitous) Chinese super app.

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