‘Meta plans cheaper Quest VR headset in 2024’

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Meta plans to release a cheaper VR headset in the Quest line next year. This would appear from the roadmap that the company presented to employees. The Ventura should be a cheaper version of the Quest 3, which is planned for this year.

The Quest 3 is thinner and more powerful than the current Quest 2, but is also slightly more expensive, writes The Verge. The current Quest 2 is 449 euros, after the headset was slightly cheaper the first time after the release. There will be 41 new apps for the Quest 3. The fact that the Quest 3 would come has been known for some time.

The cheaper headset that should be released next year is codenamed Ventura and is intended to ‘put as much punch as possible into a headset for an attractive price’. So presumably that headset will lack certain features and hardware to keep the price down. Further details are not yet known.

Last year’s Quest Pro is getting a potential successor in the form of La Jolla, which is scheduled for release after next year. This should, among other things, enable photo-realistic avatars. Meta has sold about 20 million Quest headsets to date, the company reportedly said during the presentation.

Oculus Quest 1 (left) and Oculus Quest 2

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