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Mercedes-Benz stops making home batteries

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it will stop the worldwide production of home batteries under its own brand name. The Daimler company also created a company with which it wanted to enter the US market in 2016.

Mercedes confirmed to the site Greentech Media that it stopped producing home batteries. A spokesman says that the home batteries were overdesigned . For example, it would not be necessary to use a car battery in the house, because they do not move there and are not exposed to very low temperatures. The spokesman adds: “It was a right decision to enter the market because it was a new market.” The company wants to continue with German plans for re-use of car batteries, according to the site.
In 2016, Mercedes wanted to enter the American market with the company Mercedes Benz Energy and started a partnership at the time with the company Vivint Solar. It wanted to compete with Tesla, which supplies its Powerwalls for home use. Mercedes-Benz supplied modular batteries with an individual capacity of 2.5kWh, which users could combine to reach a maximum capacity of 20kWh.
The American company is now going to end and the employees will move to other business units, writes Greentech Media. The site says it has found no evidence that the company has bought many of its batteries in the US.


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