from now on default server when creating a Mastodon account

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Decentralized social network Mastodon has decided to offer a standard server when creating new accounts. That will be its own Choosing a different server remains possible.

The step should deter fewer people when creating a new account, reports Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko. By offering a server as standard, creating a new account should be easier. Choosing a different server, during registration or later by moving, remains possible.

Mastodon is a federal and decentralized social network and runs on 9500 different servers. Rochko has increased server capacity and moderation capacity on to handle the influx of new users. Mastodon peaked in October last year when Elon Musk took over Twitter, after which the number of users dropped and eventually stabilized at four times the number before.

Mastodon onboarding with default server

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