MasterSeeker is a freeware desktop search application for Windows

There are many desktop search applications.  If you are looking for something simpler, MasterSeeker may be worth seeing.

The program caches your data when you run it for the first time. The indexing process was very fast and it impressed me because I connected 3 disks to this laptop. After your disks are indexed, you will see the interface of the program reminiscent of the Windows Explorer user interface. In the search bar at the top, enter the keyword to search for files and the large panel below shows the search results.

Simply type the name of the file you are looking for and the results will appear immediately; in real-time based on the type you use. Speaking of which, changes you make to your data are indexed (updated) in real-time, including new files that you create, download, or perform or delete. This program supports file systems like NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and exFAT .

By clicking on the arrow icon in the search box, you can set the program to ignore uppercase letters and use Regex mode (for regular expressions). The folder bar can be used to limit the search to one folder (or drive). This bar has a similar arrow icon with an additional option to include/exclude subfolders in the search process.

The File size box limits search results to files with a size close to the selected file size.

The checkboxes to the right of the file size box can be selected to search for files and folders. The eraser button can be used to reset all search fields and you can perform the caching process manually with F5 or the Refresh button. Although it is fully functional as an application that does not need to be installed, you can optionally set it to run at Windows startup.

General use

You can use the Left Control + Tilde hotkey combination to display MasterSeeker. After you have performed a search, you can view the name of each file, the folder path and its size in the results pane.

Result can be sort by name, size, folder path. Double-click a file in the list to open it in the standard handler program. Right-click on a file to open the folder or to copy the file itself, to copy the file name, the full path where it is located, or to view its properties.

The application supports multi-select; select multiple items to view the combined size on disk, access their locations, or launch. You can click on the bottom left to view the index bar. This displays all the disks on the computer and whether they are cached or not.

Please remember that there is “permanent delete” option in e context menu, use this option very carefully.

The application has not been updated for a while, but it still works flawlessly on the latest version of Windows 10. MasterSeeker requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to run. Click HERE to download this.