MarkForged launches 3D printer that can print carbon fibers

MarkForged has announced a 3d printer that it claims is the first to use carbon fiber. Mostly, 3d printers use plastic to make products. The use of carbon fibers should enable the printing of more products.

The 3D printer, which goes by the name Mark One, was announced at the SolidWorks World meeting in San Diego, California, 3D Print reports. What is striking about the printer is that it can handle, among other things, carbon fibres, which can be used to make light and sturdy parts. Racing bicycles and cars, among others, use carbon parts, but also medical products such as prostheses.

Incidentally, the Mark One can also handle fiberglass, nylon and plastic. However, it is not possible to have these materials printed at the same time and thus manufacture products with different materials. Incidentally, this is something that the Objet500 Connex3 from Stratasys can do; this 3d printer was also announced during SolidWorks World.

MarkForged is asking for $5,000 for its Mark One printer. Preorders will start next month, while delivery of the 3d printer will only start sometime in the second half of this year. The company says that the printer is mainly aimed at companies and not so much at consumers.