MagSafe Duo charger does not charge as fast as expected

The MagSafe Duo is an unreleased wireless charger from Apple, which can simultaneously power an iPhone and Apple Watch. But unfortunately the accessory turns out not to be able to charge iPhones with the full power of 15 Watt. And that is quite disappointing for a charger of € 149 …

Speed ​​MagSafe Duo charger

Apple has the product description of the MagSafe Duo charger, it was noted to Apple insider Mark Gurman. There you can read that a 20W charger is good for charging speeds of only 11W. That’s significantly less than the 15W wireless charging speeds supported by the iPhone 12 models.

Charging is faster if you use a 27W charger. But even then the MagSafe Duo does not reach the highest charging speed, because charging is done with a power of 14W.

Exclusive charger

You still have to purchase that charger separately. The best option at Apple is the 30W USB-C power adapter, which comes with the MacBook Air. This price is also not bad: € 55. For example, you have to spend more than two hundred euros for the highest loading speed, and you do not get top speed in return.

The regular Magsafe charger – which can charge one device and € 45 costs – incidentally achieves the highest speed of 15W. That is less strange than it sounds. The MagSafe system is simpler to put together, as the device supplies power to one device instead of two. It is then easier to achieve higher loading speeds. Charging is a bit slower with the iPhone 12 mini.

Not yet available

Unlike the regular MagSafe, the dual MagSafe charger is not yet for sale. It is not yet known what the launch date will be; Apple’s website still states that it will be “Available soon.”