Listen to Spotify together with a group session

Spotify has released a new feature this week. Subscribers of Spotify Premium can now listen to music together with friends via Spotify Group Session.

Spotify Group Session

Spotify Group Session makes it possible to listen to the same music together with friends at the same time. The number of participants is as yet unlimited. Anyone who gives you access to a group session can complete the playlist and control the music. The feature is available to premium subscribers using the latest version of the app on their iPhone or iPad – it doesn’t work on the Mac yet.

But how do you activate it?

  • Play a song in Spotify.
  • Tap the Connect icon (the speaker screen) at the bottom left.
  • There is a code under “Start a group session”. Have it scanned by your friends or family. They go through the same steps for this, and tap “Scan to participate” under the code.

You now listen to the same music in real time. If you add a number, the other person will do the same. The same if you pause or skip a song completely. When you are done with it, tap “End session” under the button with the code. All in all it looks a bit like Netflix Party which is currently very popular.