Linux Mint Team Wants To Release Mintbox Mini 2 PC In June

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The team behind Linux Mint has announced that it plans to release the Mintbox Mini 2 in June for a price of three hundred dollars. There is again a Pro version, which costs fifty dollars more. The mini PCs are based on CompuLab hardware.

The team writes that the new base variant has a Celeron J3455 CPU from Intel, as opposed to the AMD A4 6400T apu, which was present in the Mintbox Mini introduced in 2015. The Intel processor is a quad-core with a base clock frequency of 1.5GHz and a turbo to 2.3GHz. A GPU is available in the form of an HD Graphics 500 copy. In addition, the new variant has WiFi-ac and Bluetooth 4.2, in addition to two gigabit Ethernet ports. The models are fanless and the metal housing has ribs on the top for passive cooling. They both run Linux Mint 19.

The 4GB memory is expandable to a maximum of 16GB and there is also storage in the form of a 64GB SSD. The Pro variant has the same CPU, but has 8GB of RAM in addition to 120GB of SSD storage. Both models are equipped with an hdmi 1.4 connection and a displayport 1.2 connection. They should be able to deliver 4k at 30Hz and 60Hz respectively. They also have two USB 2.0 ports on the back and two 3.0 copies on the front, in addition to an SD card slot and 3.5mm jacks for input and output. The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty.

The Mint team expects the mini PCs to be available worldwide around June via CompuLab’s website and possibly Amazon. A new announcement about this will follow.

Image via CompuLab

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