Linux Mint gets the option to turn websites into web apps

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Linux Mint version 20.1 gets a WebApp Manager. This feature allows users to convert websites into desktop applications. The creators build on Peppermint OS’s ICE feature.

Linux Mint founder Clement Lefebvre reports that WebApp Manager is currently available for beta testing and will be included in version 20.1 of the distribution. The project is inspired by Peppermint OS’s Site Specific Browser application manager ICE, whose development started way back in 2010.

Linux Mint’s WebApp Manager includes a revised interface, editing capability, support for automatic site icon selection, and improved download option for favicons. In addition, there will be the possibility to hide the Firefox navigation bar from the web apps and to translate texts in different languages. The manager becomes compatible with ICE.

Linux Mint 20 ‘Ulyana’ was released in June. The release is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the Linux Kernel 5.4. Among other things, the software has the Warpinator application to share files within local networks. The performance of the Nemo file manager has also been improved and Snap support has been removed.

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