LinkedIn launches a ‘signing search engine’ for recruiters based on artificial intelligence. And this is just the beginning

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The social network for professionals, LinkedIn, has conducted research where it concludes, among other important aspects, that “the skills required for jobs will change at least 65% by 2030 ” thanks to artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, it is very important to keep in mind that although there is much talk about the jobs that AI can take away , new opportunities are also being created that should not be lost sight of.

We must remember that just a month ago we saw that job offers related to ChatGPT on LinkedIn multiplied by 21 in less than a year.

HR departments are key

To help companies prepare for the changes, LinkedIn says it now has new AI-assisted tools that seek to boost hiring and skill development in the artificial intelligence sector.

The tools are Recruiter 2024 and AI-Powered Coaching g. They are intended for the human resources departments of companies, to have support in the hiring processes.

According to spokespersons for the social network, something they notice is that business leaders are putting all their trust in their HR (human resources) and hiring teams. 9 out of 10 professionals in the sector consider that their role has become more strategic in the last year. Likewise, 61% say that their organizations have already begun to provide training on AI to promote the learning of their employees.

Furthermore, 80% of HR managers surveyed by LinkedIn (based on 29,937 professionals from various countries around the world, including Spain) believe that AI can help them in their functions in the next five years, allowing them to focus on more human aspects of their jobs. roles, such as strengthening relationships with candidates and colleagues.

New tools to adapt to changes

One of LinkedIn’s new tools is Recruiter 2024 that will allow recruiters to use natural language searches such as “I want to hire a senior marketing manager ,” and LinkedIn’s AI models promise to have improved to offer higher quality candidate recommendations and from a much broader group of professionals.

Another new feature is LinkedIn Learning AI-Powered Coaching, a real-time advisory service for two of the most in-demand skills in all types of jobs: leadership and management.

A professional can ask a question they have about how to improve their functions and, before receiving an answer, LinkedIn will ask them questions to go further. With all of this, you’ll be offered tips “based on hundreds of hours of content from LinkedIn Learning instructors.”

For professionals who want to learn more about artificial intelligence, LinkedIn Learning has also unlocked learning courses, which will be available for free until December 15, 2023 and you can access them at this link .

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