Lidl is working on Zigbee motion sensors for smart home line

The Zigbee Alliance has provided two Lidl motion sensors with a certificate. The company appears to be making the window or door sensor and the general motion sensor part of a Home Smart product line.

Lidl’s ‘Home Smart Window or Door Sensor’ is a rectangular sensor that can detect whether windows or doors are open or closed and can send notifications. There is also an alarm that should prevent the product from being tampered with. The sensor is battery operated.

The Home Smart Motion Sensor is a comparable product for the general detection and notification of movements. Lidl Nederland calls it ‘too early’ to say anything about the products, such as prices and release dates.

Lidl already supplies some smart home products for security in Germany through its Silvercrest brand, such as a Smart Home Starter Kit. These products operate on the HomeMatic IP platform. This platform does not use Zigbee but radio connections on 868.3MHz and 869.525MHz to prevent interference from WiFi, Bluetooth and other connections.