LG is working on desktop mode for its Android smartphones

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LG is working on a desktop mode for its Android phones. A version of the desktop mode is included in the Android 10 upgrade for the V50 ThinQ smartphone. That phone did not come out in the Benelux. The desktop mode will probably also come on other smartphones from the manufacturer.

While taking screen shots, tech blogger Juan Carlos Bagnell, who publishes under the moniker Some Gadget Guy, came across desktop mode and posts about it in his weekly podcast. According to him, not finished in desktop mode, although it does work better than the standard implementation of Android 10, he claims. Android 10 also includes a basic version of a desktop mode.

When users connect the V50 ThinQ to a monitor, they get a new interface with the ability to drag and resize windows, just like on a desktop. It is also possible to have several windows open side by side. In the meantime, the smartphone can also be used to answer calls, for example.

LG isn’t the first to create a desktop mode. Samsung has been offering DeX for several years, while Huawei has a desktop mode in Emui. Users have to arrange the hardware themselves, such as a monitor and possibly mouse and keyboard for input.

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