LG Display shows transparent and rollable 77″ OLED panel

LG Display has demonstrated a 77-inch OLED panel that is transparent and flexible. The panel has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, allows 40% of the light to pass through and can be rolled into a cylinder with a radius of 8cm.

According to LG Display, the quality and functionality of the OLED panel will not be affected when it is rolled up. The manufacturer developed the panel with financial support from the South Korean government. ZDNet reports that the project took 59 months.

LG has not disclosed concrete plans for products that use the panel. LG’s thin W7 television also contains a flexible 77-inch OLED panel, but it is presumably not able to be rolled up completely and it is also not transparent.

The new panel is a further development of earlier flexible and transparent OLED panels. For example, LG Display already made a rollable 18-inch OLED panel with a radius of 30 mm in 2014, and last year the company showed a transparent 40-inch OLED panel.