Lenovo equips thin ThinkPad P1 workstation with Core i9 or Xeon hexacores

Lenovo has announced new mobile workstations in the ThinkPad line. The most striking model is the ThinkPad P1, a thin laptop that resembles the ThinkPad X1 in appearance, but is equipped with powerful hardware.

Lenovo is releasing two variants of the ThinkPad P1: one where the 15.6″ screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and maximum brightness of 300cd/m², and one where that screen is touch-sensitive, shows a 4k resolution and a brightness of up to 400cd/m².

In both cases, there will be configurations with Core i5, i7, i9 and Xeon processors and with up to 64GB DDR4. As far as the GPU is concerned, there will be variants with an Nvidia Quadro P1000 and P2000. Lenovo provides the workstations with PCI-e SSDs with a total storage capacity of 4TB.

There are also two USB-c ports with Thunderbolt 3 support and two USB 3.1 type-c interfaces. HDMI 2.0 is also present and a dongle is available for gigabit ethernet. The ThinkPad P1 is 18.4 mm thick and weighs 1.7 kilograms. According to the manufacturer, the housing is resistant to significant temperature fluctuations, moisture and dust.

Lenovo will make the ThinkPad P1 available at the end of August for a starting price of 1949 dollars, converted and with VAT that is 2065 euros.

The manufacturer also announces the ThinkPad P72 with 17.3 “screen. This also comes in a version with full HD and with a 4k screen and in addition to being larger, this workstation is 25.9 mm thicker and 3.4 kilograms also heavier than the P1.This ThinkPad also comes with processors up to the Core i9 and Xeon hexacores, the video card is the Quadro P5200 with 16GB gddr5x, up to 128GB ddr4 is possible and the storage can be used up to 4TB of ssd capacity. installed, with an Intel Optane module as an option.

The starting price of this workstation is $1,799. Both ThinkPads can also be supplied with Windows 10 Pro, including the Workstation variant, Ubuntu and Red Hat.