Legislation making roaming within the EU free extended until 2032

The new European legislation that ensures that roaming within the EU remains free until 2032, will come into effect on 1 July. The previous law dates from 2017 and allowed Europeans in other EU countries to call, text and use mobile internet without incurring extra costs.

According to the European Commission Europeans will have the same internet connection abroad as in their home country. Users who use a 5G network in their home country should also be able to do so abroad. If this is not possible, the provider must inform the customer.

The Commission also wants Europeans to receive an automatic text message as soon as they cross the border into another EU country. This message should warn them that some services, such as calling customer service or sending certain text messages, may be charged or more expensive from abroad than from the home country. From June 2023, operators will also be required to send an automatic SMS to their traveling customers with information about the various alternative ways to reach emergency services in the destination country. The Commission mentions the use of apps or ‘real-time-text’ as alternatives.

The new legislation also obliges mobile operators to notify consumers as soon as they connect to a network that uses satellites, such as on an airplane. Customers should be given an opt-out option and once a certain amount is charged for using the service, the operator should be able to stop the connection. The European Commission states 50 euros as the amount, but it can also be another predetermined limit.

In 2017, the European Parliament approved a bill that would end roaming charges for at least five years. With Roam Like At Home, Parliament wanted to make it possible for every European in every European country to use mobile internet, SMS and telephony like at home, following the Commission’s lead. That is why, from June 2017, providers may no longer charge extra costs for using the smartphone abroad. If you have a bundle, minutes, texts and MBs should go off there.