Langolin gamifies the learning process of new languages ​​using Netflix. It records the days you spend and the number of new words you learn or become familiar with. You can take a demo to see how it works. And if you find it useful, you can create an account and start learning.

When you create an account, this website asks you to select how many lessons you want to follow each day; 1, 2 or 3. Each lesson takes barely 5 minutes, so if you take 3 lessons, that is about 15 minutes of your time.

This website has a catalog with Netflix series that are available in Spanish, French or German language. It marks the language of each series at the top so that you can choose one according to your needs. Langolin has one lesson per episode of that series.

When choosing a series, go to the first lesson that is relevant to the words and phrases used in the corresponding episode in the series. First, it teaches you a word or a translation. It shows the meaning of the words in English. In the case of a sentence, it uses color codes to highlight the respective words in both languages.

After learning words and translating this follows with a question. The questions are either complete sentence translations or fill in the empty translation. In any case, you get distorted options that you have to place in the right position. This way you get 5 words and 10 sentences per lesson.

This website also has a reward system for games, where you get 10 points for successfully completing a lesson. You can view your progress, learning statistics and points via the dashboard. It also keeps track of the days and marks the days on which you take a lesson. After finishing a lesson, you can go to Netflix and watch that episode.

Give it a try here.