Larian Studios Posts Teaser That Probably Refers To Baldur’s Gate III

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A teaser on the website of Flemish game developer Larian Studios probably refers to the arrival of Baldur’s Gate III. The site only has a ‘III’, but the metadata in the page pointed to Baldur’s Gate.

Initially, only showed a short video with a ‘III’, but that has now been replaced by a ‘III’ with tentacles that twist around the characters. The metadata of that first video contained references to Baldur’s Gate III, Dungeons & Dragons, and Wizards of the Coast. Which discovered Twitter user @kunken. That first video has now been removed, but @kunken has it put on Dropbox. The metadata of the new video references ‘Swen’s Birthday Party’. Swen Vincke, founder of Larian Studios, recently had a birthday.

Baldur’s Gate is originally from BioWare, but it hasn’t worked on the franchise since 2001. Meanwhile, new installments, expansions and remasters have been provided by Snowblind Studios, Black Isle, Overhaul Games and Beamdog. Given that the franchise is clearly not tied to a single developer, it is possible that Larian will take over. In addition, the studio already has a lot of experience with isometric fantasy RPGs.

As it often goes with teasers, it’s not clear what the next reveal will be and when it will take place. It’s also possible that the ‘III’ refers to Divinity: Original Sin 3. The second part in this series by Larian came out in 2017, so the studio may be far enough with development to make an announcement.

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