Kuo: Apple’s mixed reality headset should eventually replace iPhones

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The still unannounced mixed reality headset from Apple must work without an iPhone connection, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a new report, he also states that Apple wants to replace its phones with AR within ten years. This headset would be the first step for that.

If the headset works independently, that means it has its own ecosystem and can provide “the most complete and flexible user experience,” Kuo writes in a report quoting 9to5Mac. Making it a standalone product, and not just an iPhone or iMac accessory, is beneficial to the growth of the product, according to Apple, the analyst writes. By giving the headset “an extensive range” of applications, Apple wants to take a first step to replace the iPhone with augmented reality, according to the analyst. That writes MacRumors, who has also seen the report.

Kuo further reports that the headset will have two processors, with the more advanced of the two “computing equivalent to the M1 chip for Mac.” The other processor would be responsible for sensor-related calculations. The device also includes six to eight optical modules, the analyst said, to provide users with “continuously transparent AR video services” through both lenses. An iPhone, according to Kuo, contains three optical modules, and does not have to perform calculations continuously.

In addition, in the report, the analyst confirms some of his previous claims that he made back in March. For example, the device would contain two 4k micro-OLED screens from Sony for VR purposes and Apple wants to introduce the mixed reality headset in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Earlier this year, an article was published by The Information that also shared information about Apple’s new VR/AR headset. However, much of the information in that post doesn’t match that of Kuo. For example, The Information claims to have heard that an iPhone connection is necessary. Also, according to that report, the screens would support 8k resolution, instead of 4k as Kuo claims. Where the analyst has previously reported that the price is in line with that of a high-end iPhone, which amounts to about 1200 euros, The Information says that the device will cost about 3000 dollars.

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