KLM comes with a number of artificial intelligence solutions for aviation

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KLM today announced a partnership with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This new partnership is aimed at improving global aviation activities by boosting growth, accelerating innovation and streamlining all kinds of activities involved in operating flights. The aim is to be able to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

Artificial intelligence

KLM works together with the consultancy to put a new service on the market: a jointly developed system based on artificial intelligence with integrated and proven tailor-made solutions.

Over the past 18 months, both parties have joined forces on the basis of the common conviction that the operation of operating flights as a cost center with a purely executive role is now a thing of the past. In an increasingly complex and busy environment, a solid operation increasingly offers a competitive advantage. KLM has the ambition to remain at the forefront of this.

KLM-BCG partnership

In this new partnership, teams were deployed with employees of KLM Operations Decision Support and front-line staff from the operation, together with the aviation consultants of BCG and members of BCG Gamma (a part specialized in Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics with over 450 data scientists, data engineers and software developers). This collaboration has brought about a solution based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced optimization, which covers all elements of performing an operation.

These tools support airlines in making the most complex decisions about their fleet, crew, ground services and networks. The focus here is on the demolition of the silos between these departments, whether this concerns strategic long-term questions or an improvement of disruption management on the day itself. This requires a thorough understanding and optimization of the interaction between costs, operational performance, customer satisfaction and employee involvement. The first series of solutions have already been successfully applied at KLM. And now KLM and BCG are ready to jointly bring this service to the global aviation industry.

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