Kik Messenger continues with new owner

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The MediaLab company has announced that it will acquire and further develop Kik Messenger. The chat application is being acquired from Kik Interactive, which in the future will focus on its own crypto currency Kin.

In a message on his website, Kik reports that his chat application of the same name has been taken over by MediaLab. He says that it wants to further develop the software, so that the future of Kik Messenger seems assured. It is not known how much MediaLab paid for the acquisition.

In addition, MediaLab has made public a number of ideas for the further development of Kik. For example, the chat groups must be made larger, and there must be a way to remove inactive admins. The application should also become faster and contain fewer bugs. Spam and other unwanted messages should be removed from the application.

Kik Interactive indicated last month that it would mainly focus on developing its own digital currency Kin in the future. This means that there was no room left for developing the chat application, putting its survival at risk. Last week, Kik announced that it expected to find a new owner for its chat app.

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