Keychron introduces Q1 Pro mechanical keyboard with bluetooth

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Keychron introduces a wireless variant of its Q1 keyboard. This Q1 Pro gets the same aluminum housing with gasket mount, but also gets Bluetooth support in addition to a USB-C connection. The keyboard will be delivered from April.

The Keychron Q1 Pro appeared Tuesday on Kickstarter and has now reached its crowdfunding goal. The keyboard will also be generally available later. The Q1 Pro bears similarities to the existing Q1 apart from the addition of Bluetooth 5.1, which allows users to wirelessly connect up to three devices to the keyboard. According to Keychron, the Q1 Pro offers a battery life of up to 300 hours without RGB LEDs. With lighting, the battery life is up to 90 hours, says the manufacturer. It takes five hours to charge the keyboard via USB-C. The Q1 Pro can also be used wired.

Like the existing Q1, the Pro variant can be supplied as barebone without switches or keycaps. The manufacturer is also introducing a pre-built version of the Q1 Pro with pbt keycaps and its own K Pro switches, while the Q1 comes with Gateron switches. The company comes with a linear K Pro switch and two different tactile switches for this. The keyboard also contains hot swap sockets, with which the switches can be exchanged without soldering. The keyboards support QMK and VIA and are therefore fully reprogrammable.

The Q1 Pro also gets a 75% layout without a numpad and has an aluminum housing with a black, gray or white finish. ISO and ANSI variants will be available. However, only a barebone version of the ISO version will be available. The keyboards are currently on Kickstarter and will ship in April. The barebone variant eventually gets a suggested retail price of $ 179. The pre-built variant with switches and keycaps costs $ 20 more.

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