Jon Prosser: Google Pixel Watch Coming May 26

Sources from YouTuber Jon Prosser let him know that the Pixel Watch, the first Wear OS smartwatch from Google itself, should hit the market on May 26. Officially, the watch has not yet been shown, but renders of it have already been leaked.

That leaves Prosser know on Twitter. He bases that on his own sources. Prosser is more often in the news with such insider information and was therefore also right, for example, when it came to the release date of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. He does, however, keep a lid on the arm: “Google is known for postponing release dates,” he adds.

Earlier information that came out via Business Insider was about the nature of the watch. It would be codenamed Rohan and become the first Wear OS smartwatch with Fitbit integration, but will not be a Fitbit product. The product is intended to compete with the Apple Watch. Technical details about the smart watch are still missing.

Google previously worked on a smartwatch, but in 2016 chose to discontinue work on this product and instead focus on smartwatch software for partner companies. However, Google’s smartwatch market share would lag behind Apple, which is why Google would now like to come up with a smartwatch itself.

More renders of the watches can be found on Prossers Google Drive