Jolla is discontinuing Sailfish OS support for original Jolla 1 after seven years

Jolla is discontinuing security support for Sailfish OS on the Jolla 1 after seven years. That phone was released in 2013. According to the makers, the phone has an old kernel and bluetooth stack. Version 3.4 will therefore be the latest Sailfish OS update for the device.

Jolla writes that on the seventh anniversary of the original Jolla Phone or the Jolla 1. It was released in November 2013 and was the first official phone with the Sailfish alternative OS operating system. “After so many years, the time has come to say goodbye to the device”, the makers write. Sailfish version 3.4 Pallas Yllästunturi is the last supported version of the OS supported for the phone. It came out in mid-October. There will be no new features or security updates for the device. It is still possible to use the Jolla Store to download apps.

According to Jolla, there are several reasons for stopping support. For example, the phone used the oldest version of Android App Support, which cannot be updated because the hardware is too old. The device also uses the 3.4 kernel, and the outdated Bluetooth stack BlueZ. Those things are ‘awkward to maintain’, according to Jolla.

The developers at Jolla say they will continue to work on the alternative phone operating system. For example, a 64-bit version of the operating system would soon be released. This makes it possible to create versions based on Android 10.