John Romero Working On Sigil 2 Expansion For Doom 2

John Romero is working on a sequel to Sigil, the free expansion he released in 2019 for the original Doom. Sigil 2 is being created based on Doom 2. When the new expansion will appear is not yet known.

Sigil 2 will contain many levels, Romero says, and like Sigil, should be challenging, with a consistently increasing difficulty. The developer says he’s made a “cool map” and that it’s going to be “great fun”, but he won’t give any substantive details about the new expansion.

Doom II

The expansion for Doom 2 appears to be in a relatively early stage of development. Romero does not want to say anything about a release date. Romero revealed the existence of Sigil 2 in a conversation during the Realms Deep 2021 livestream. That event from game company 3D Realms puts retro shooters in the spotlight.

Romero was one of the original creators of the Doom games in the 1990s. The rights are now with Microsoft, which has also acquired id Software through the Bethesda acquisition. Like the first part, Sigil 2 will therefore likely be an unofficial extension in the form of a WAD file.

In 2015, John Romero founded the studio Romero Games with his wife Brenda Romero. He released Sigil in 2019 and Empire of Sin followed in 2020. Sigil 2 will also be released under the Romero Games banner.

John Romero speaks for the first time about Sigil 2 during Realms Deep 2021 Live