John Deere makes software and tools available for tractor repairs in the US

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Tractor builder John Deere now allows tractor owners and independent repairers to carry out repairs in the US. That was not the case until now. John Deere will make necessary proprietary software and tools available for repairs.

John Deere has entered into an agreement with the American Farm Bureau Federation, reports that organization. That agreement, which is online, states that John Deere makes the software and tools available to anyone to make repairs. John Deere, much like Apple, uses proprietary tools and software to ensure that each owner can only perform repairs at a John Deere-approved repair facility.

In the US, legislation is imminent that enshrines the right-to-repair, the right to repair machines yourself or to choose someone to do so. Some states already have such regulations, but there is not yet a nationwide rule in the US. There will also be regulations in Europe that regulate this for many types of electronics.

The agreement takes effect immediately. John Deere will make software and manuals available to anyone wishing to make repairs. Twice a year, the company and the AFBF will evaluate whether the agreement is being properly implemented.

John Deere tractor

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