Jeff Bezos Takes 82-Year-Old Aviation Legend On Blue Origin Flight

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos takes American aviation legend Wally Funk on the first-ever manned flight of his own aerospace company Blue Origin on July 20. The now 81-year-old Funk becomes the oldest person in space.

Bezos announced the news himself via Instagram. “In 1961, Wally Funk was one of the top candidates from the Mercury 13 test group. Although these women completed their training, they never got the chance to go to space,” it sounds. “We’re glad you’ll be flying with us on July 20, Wally.”

Wally Funk is no stranger to American aviation. She was part of Mercury 13, an unofficial 1961 test group that consisted of thirteen American women who were subjected to the same physical tests at the time as NASA’s male astronauts. In 1971, she became the first female aircraft inspector to be employed by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. In 1974, she became the first female inspector of aviation operations at the National Transportation Safety Board.

Early last month, Bezos announced that both he and his brother Mark will board the first manned flight of his own space company Blue Origin with the New Shepard rocket. It should launch on July 20. A seat was also auctioned. On June 12, a tentatively anonymous bidder purchased that seat for $28 million.

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