Jedec publishes Lpddr5x standard with maximum speed of 8533Mbit/s

Standards organization Jedec has published a new Lpddr standard. JESD209-5B is applicable for both Lpddr5 and Lpddr5x memory. For the latter, the speed increases to a maximum of 8533Mbit/s.

Jedec has put the specifications of the standard online and manufacturers can buy them. The organization writes in a press release that the new standard is both a replacement for the current standard for Lpddr5 memory, and a new standard for Lpddr5x.

Under the new standard, the maximum speed of Lpddr5 remains the same at 6400Mbit/s. The standard there is mainly intended for better performance, power management and flexibility, says Jedec. For example, improvements have been made to signal integrity. Memory would also become more stable because Adaptive Refresh Management is added.

For Lpddr5x, the maximum speed will increase. It goes from 6400Mbit/s to 8533Mbit/s. According to AnandTech, this increases the maximum theoretical bandwidth for mobile socs from 51.2GB/s to 68.26GB/s, enabling better CPU and GPU performance.

Samsung and Micron have partnered with Jedec on the Lpddr5x standard. Both companies already make Lpddr5 memory, which is used in smartphones, tablets, some laptops and in Valve’s Steam Deck, among other things.