Jailbreak for iOS 13.5 for all iPhones and iPads comes out

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A jailbreak has been released for all iPhones and iPads that works up to and including iOS 13.5. The installation of the jailbreak is done via AltStore, an alternative download store for iOS that users can run without jailbreak.

The jailbreak takes advantage of a zero-day vulnerability in iOS, Wired reports. This concerns a vulnerability in the kernel, but the developers do not want to say exactly where the vulnerability is and how it works. The site mentions that some iOS versions are not compatible, including later versions of iOS 12.

The jailbreak will not survive a reboot, but restarting the tool can restore the jailbreak afterwards. The jailbreak allows users to run all kinds of tools and tweaks that Apple does not allow in the App Store. It is also possible for security researchers to do better research thanks to a jailbreak.

The jailbreak is compatible with all recent iPhones and iPads, including the new SE and 11 series. RedmondPie has put online a list of all the tweaks that are compatible with the new jailbreak. The installation for users without a Developer account with Apple is via the AltStore, an alternative download store that came out last year.

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