It Takes Two has sold a million copies in a month

It Takes Two, the co-op game that came out last month, has sold a million times, the developer announced. The game is not playable without a co-op partner and there is no matchmaking.

According to Josef Fares, the foreman of development studio Hazelight, this shows that there are “certainly players who want to play co-op-only games” and that he “hopes there are more games like this.” It Takes Two can be played locally and online. The second player does not have to pay for the game and can join online via the Friend’s Pass, but local co-op is also an option.

Hazelight previously made A Way Out, a game that can also only be played in co-op and has no matchmaking. At Starbreeze Studios, Fares also made Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, but that game is intended for a player despite co-op-esque elements.

It Takes Two is a platform game where players control two handmade dolls that are brought to life. The two must battle their way through a game world that features a myriad of different gameplay mechanics from different game genres. The game is available for Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.