Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra worth it?

It costs you at least 1,349 euros and that is a nice amount for a smartphone that cannot even fold. Yet Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a lot to love. We list the pros and cons of the new showpiece from Samsung.

If you have Galaxy S20 Ultra in your hand, you will notice that the design of the device is not special. He still looks a lot like the competition and a lot like previous Galaxy smartphones. The most striking thing is probably the “hole” in the screen, behind which the selfie camera stands. But even that is not new, which makes Samsung S20 Ultra.

Space Zoom

One of the most impressive new features from Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is that he has Space Zoom. This means that it has a hybrid optical zoom with which you can zoom ten times, combined with 100x Super Resolution Zoom for great sharpness at long distances. Take photos of a starry sky, for example, or use your phone as a kind of binoculars by being able to observe something better through the screen at a distance than with the naked eye.

Details in videos also become a lot more visible. You can shoot videos in a resolution of 8K, from which you can take screenshots that are 33MP. A great new option is to immediately get a mix when taking a photo. So suppose you look at a bunch of flowers on the photo, then your phone immediately makes a gif, a movie, a portrait photo and some loose normal photos. Very useful if, for example, you are on a safari and you don’t know what to choose when you finally have that proud lion in front of your lens. Moreover, it is handy to have a poison right away, because that is how we often communicate these days.

Good game phone

If you want to play on the device, that’s no problem thanks to the screen that refreshes itself 120 times per second. This gives you a smooth gaming experience that is sometimes even better than at home on your console. It is not something that happens automatically: the refresh rate is normally 60Hz and when you start playing, you can set it to 120Hz . Thanks to the 5,000 mAh battery, you can also continue for a while.

But yes, that price tag is substantial. If you can buy the device in combination with a subscription for a slightly softer price, then this phone is not a bad choice at all. Certainly if you opt for high-end telephones more often, then this fits in perfectly. The design may not be that exciting, photography is all the more. Moreover, this device is a fantastic game device that you might purchase instead of a Nintendo.