iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are a lot cheaper from today

The new iPhone 13 models are here! And while diehard fans will be ready to order one on Friday, there’s also news for those who don’t necessarily need the latest. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 have become considerably cheaper.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11: lower price

As in previous years, Apple lowered the prices of the previous iPhone models after the September event. And that results in a substantial discount of € 100 to € 120:

  • iPhone 12: from €809 (previously €909)
  • iPhone 12 mini: from €689 (previously €809)
  • iPhone 11: from €589 (previously €689)

Because the iPhone 13 (mini) has standard 128GB storage, and this always costs €50 extra for the iPhone 12 models (the entry-level model was still 64GB), the final price difference between the models is a bit smaller than it seems. :

  • iPhone 12 – 128GB: €859
  • iPhone 13 – 128GB: €909
  • iPhone 12 mini – 128GB: €739
  • iPhone 13 mini – 128GB: €809

You can order via Apple’s Apple Store, but also online stores. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have also been significantly reduced in price.

iPhone 12 Pro, where did you go?

Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Pro (Max) has completely disappeared on the Apple website. Just like last year, Apple has therefore chosen to remove the older Pro models from the range.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get them anywhere! The 2020 flagships are still available at other online stores, often with around €100 off the original price. You have to be quick because the stock of models that are no longer for sale at Apple often shrinks quickly:

  • iPhone 12 Pro: from € 1039 at Amac
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: from €1159 at Amac