iOS 15: This Might Be the Best iPhone Widget

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Since iOS 14, you can place widgets on your iPhone’s home screen. This way you can quickly see the most important information from apps, without actually having to open the app. A number of new iOS 15 widgets were launched in September. But you may have overlooked the best iPhone widget: meet widget suggestions!

Best iPhone widget? Widget suggestions!

Your iPhone knows you very well, according to the new Widget Suggestions option. In my case that means the following: do I turn on my headphones? Then a widget on the screen asks me if I want to open Spotify. I often use that app when I turn on my headphones. When I plop down on the couch, my iPhone suggests opening Twitter, based on the location in my home.

How do you set it up

Widget suggestions are available in widget stacks, so create such a stack first. If you have no idea what we mean, read our article on stacking widgets first. Then it works like this:

  • Hold such a stack longer and tap ‘Change stack’.
  • Turn on ‘Widget suggestions’ at the bottom of the screen.

The widget adapts completely to your needs. And he does it surprisingly well. This way you always see what the best iPhone widget is for you!

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