iOS 12.0.1 is out and fixes, among other things, charging problem

Apple released the first small update for iOS 12. iOS 12 appeared three weeks ago and suffered from a few bugs. These will be fixed with iOS 12.0.1

iOS 12.0.1: what’s new?

iOS 12.0.1 is a small interim update and does not offer any new features, but it does fix some iOS 12 problems. These are the improvements in the update:

  • Some iPhone XS models had problems with charging. Charging only succeeded when the screen was active. Charging goes right again after the update.
  • Another problem that the iPhone XS had to deal with was that a connection was always made to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network instead of 5 GHz. Now the second one is chosen again, and that makes the connection considerably faster.
  • Many iPad users could not get used to the new layout of the keyboard. The.? 123 key had a slightly different place. Now the old familiar keyboard is back.
  • Some video apps no longer show subtitles. That problem has now been solved.
  • Bluetooth was sometimes unavailable and that problem has been solved.

Updating to iOS 12.0.1

The easiest way to update to iOS 12.0.1 is via the iPhone or iPad self. Open the Settings app and go to ‘General> software update’. Here you will find the option to download and install the new version

You can also activate Automatic Updates here, then iOS updates will automatically be installed in the future and you will not have to worry about them anymore. The installation then happens at night when your iPhone is hanging on the charger.

iOS 12

iOS 12 appeared in mid-September and provides a faster and more stable iPhone and iPad. But of course, there are also new functions. For example, there is the new Measurement app that serves as a tape measure and you can tackle your iPhone addiction with the Screen Time Limits. Also read our file about iOS 12.