IObit Uninstaller

 IObit Uninstaller logo (75 pix) IObit has released version 8.1.0 of Uninstaller. With this free tool, programs, apps and toolbars can be removed in a thorough way. The standard uninstaller that delivers most programs does not always remove all files and registry keys that are present. IObit Uninstaller scans the hard disk and the registry for leftover clutter and is also capable of removing multiple programs at once. IOBit has made the following improvements in version 8.1.0:

New features:

  • Improved scan engine that removes more residuals from the registry.
  • Software Updater database has been expanded by 10% to be able to update more important files
  • Residues Cleaning has been enhanced to clean up more scrap.
  • Improved algorithm for the File Shredder to destroy files more thoroughly and faster.
  • Known bugs have been fixed.