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Internal Apple memo warns employees to stop leaks to the press

In an internal document published by news agency Bloomberg, Apple warns its employees that they should stop passing on internal information to the press. The company threatens that criminal proceedings may be the result.

The press office has published the complete text, which would have been placed on an internal Apple blog in the form of a memo. In it, the company writes that it has identified and subsequently fired an employee who brought out past information about the software roadmap from Apple. It goes on to say: “People who leak, even if they are employees, contractors or suppliers, are caught and that happens faster and faster.” Later on the text says: “The leaking of Apple’s business undermines everyone in the company and the years they have invested in creating products.”
The threat of criminal prosecution and prison sentences is at the end of the document. Apple mentions that last year it caught 29 leakers . Of those, 12 would have been arrested. “People who leak do not only lose their jobs at Apple, in some cases they are faced with prison sentences and huge fines for intrusion of networks and stealing trade secrets, which in both cases is seen as federal crimes,” the communication said.
In addition to citing legal consequences, the document also refers to other possible effects for people who pass on information, such as finding it difficult to find a new job. Bloomberg reports that Apple has previously held a meeting in the past to counter leaks, but afterwards information has been passed on to the press.


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