Intermapper – Network Monitoring Tool

Intermapper is powerful, user-friendly network mapping and monitoring software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The tool offers a free, fully functional 30-day trial. During free trial technical consultants can help you get started and create your maps. Pricing is by the number of devices you want to monitor (starting at $765 for 25 devices and 1 year of maintenance). Network administrators love the ability to create a live map of their network showing where devices are located and their status, indicated by color-coded icons and interactive elements. You can create custom alerts to notify you of network issues before customers or users are affected. The visual mapping makes troubleshooting much faster because you can identify the source of problems and dig into metrics to monitor. Intermapper supports SNMP and can monitor a wide variety of standard and non-standard network equipment through the online probes library. They also have add-on products for NetFlow monitoring and remote network monitoring.