Intel shows Meteor Lake test chips with stacked design

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Intel has shown a wafer containing test samples of Meteor Lake-M chips. This is the processor generation that should be available for laptops in 2023 and where Intel uses Foveros to stack chips on a single package.

Intel Labs’ 300mm wafer contains hundreds of Meteor Lake test chips, with the top layer made up of chiplets with a base layer of chips underneath, CNET describes. The site captured photos of the wafer during a tour of Intel’s Fab 42 in the US state of Arizona. The site was also allowed to take a photo of an individual test chip. These are not fully functioning chips, but test chips for validating certain functionalities.

These are the first pictures of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake chips. Meteor Lake is the code name for the 7nm processors that should appear in 2023 and then consist of a compute die, a soc and a gpu die. Intel is using the second generation of Foveros technology for chip stacking, with more through silicon via connections. Processors with TDPs from 5W to 125W will appear, with the Meteor Lake-M chips shown being economical for use in laptops.

CNET also shows photos of, among others, Xeon Scalable chiplets with Sapphire Rapids-generation HBM and Ponte Vecchio, an accelerator for data center applications.

Intel Meteor Lake test chips, source: CNET.

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