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Intel sells Wind River Systems

Intel sells Wind River Systems, a developer of software for embedded systems, to investment company TPG. Intel bought the company for 884 million dollars in 2009, the current sales amount is unknown.

After the take-over by TPG, Wind River will again operate as an independent company under the leadership of the current management, reports the company . Intel states in the press release that Wind River will remain an important partner and that it will continue to work together. Sales of Wind River must be completed in the second quarter of this year, financial details will not be disclosed.

Intel bought Wind River in 2009 in an attempt to broaden its scope. Wind River specializes in software for embedded systems and introduced its VxWorks operating system in 1987. The company has existed for nearly forty years, and in their own words systems of ‘the main infrastructure’ use Wind River software.

At the end of 2016 Intel sold all its majority interest in McAfee to the same investment company. The processor manufacturer received 4.2 billion dollars at the time. McAfee could then continue as an independent company.

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