Intel releases five new dual-cores and four quad-cores for laptops

Intel has added nine new Haswell-generation processors to its product database. It concerns five dual-cores, two of which are economical models and four quad-cores, including a version with an unlocked multiplier.

The nine new processors added to the Intel price list, which will soon be found in laptops, offer slightly higher clock speeds than comparable existing Haswell chips, but otherwise contain identical specifications.

Among the five dual-cores are two Core i5s and a Core i7 with M suffix, which are for mainstream laptops and have 37W TDPs. In addition, two frugal Core i5s for ultrabooks with U suffix have been added, which have TDPs of 15W. One of those models has the HD Graphics 5000 GPU, which, thanks to the presence of 40 EUs, should offer significantly better graphics performance than the HD 4×00 GPUs of the other Haswell models with only 20 EUs.

Finally, four quad-cores have appeared, with clock speeds ranging from 2.8GHz to 3.1GHz. The Core i7-4860HQ features a relatively powerful Iris Pro GPU with 128MB edram cache, while the Core i7-4940MX is an Extreme Edition model with unlocked multiplier. Incidentally, with a clock speed of 3.1 GHz, this is the new flagship processor for laptops: the chip takes over from the Intel Core i7-4930MX, which has a clock speed of 3 GHz.

ProcessorCoresThreadsClock SpeedL3GpuPrice
Core i5-4310M 2 4 2.7GHz 3MB HD 4600 $225
Core i5-4310U 2 4 2GHz 3MB HD 4400 $281
Core i5-4340M 2 4 2.9GHz 3MB HD 4600 $266
Core i5-4360U 2 4 1.5GHz 3MB HD 5000 $315
Core i7-4610M 2 4 3GHz 4MB HD 4600 $346
Core i7-4810MQ 4 8 2.8GHz 6MB HD 4600 $378
Core i7-4860HQ 4 8 2.4GHz 6MB HD 5200 $434
Core i7-4910MQ 4 8 2.9GHz 8MB HD 4600 $568
Core i7-4940MX 4 8 3.1GHz 8MB HD 4600 $1096