Intel lowers suggested retail prices for desktop processors without igpu

Intel lowers the suggested retail prices of its KF and F processors. In particular, the cheapest models get a lower price, for example, the amount that has to be paid for the Core i3-9100F decreases by almost 26 percent. With the Core i9-9900KF, the price drop is only 5.4 percent.

It is not yet clear to what extent and when the adjusted recommended retail prices in dollars will be reflected in the euro prices. The prices stated by Intel are the suggested retail prices that customers pay for orders of one thousand units. In practice, dollar prices are reasonably similar to the euro prices in the Pricewatch, although some processors are already cheaper in practice than Intel’s new dollar price.

The Intel processors with KF and F designation are variants of the versions of the same name, but with a disabled GPU. Intel started supplying these custom processors last year, presumably to make the most of the 14nm process. Intel can still sell chips with defects on the GPU as a KF or F version.

The versions with the graphics chip disabled are cheaper than the regular variants, although the price difference for the more expensive models is small. With the cheapest processors, this can add up considerably. The price adjustment may lead to a larger difference in price between the CPUs with and without igpu.

Processor New price ($) Old price ($) Price drop Price watch (boxed)
Core i9-9900KF 463 488 5.4% €300.70
Core i7-9700KF 349 374 7.2% €252.68
Core i7-9700F 298 323 8.4% €222.35
Core i5-9600KF 237 262 10.5% €159.15
Core i5-9500F 167 192 15.0% €200.55
Core i5-9400F 157 182 15.9% €155.25
Core i3-9350KF 148 173 16.9% € 174.95
Core i3-9100F 97 122 25.8% €125.44