Intel introduces eighth-generation Core processors with Vega GPU

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Intel has released its new line of processors for laptops. The processors are classified under the eighth generation Core processors, but in addition to the Intel GPU, they also have a Vega GPU from AMD with hbm2 on board.

The new processors are housed in a new series, the G series, which again have two variants of AMD’s Radeon RX Vega GPU on board. The most powerful GPU, the Vega M GH, has 24 compute units, good for 1536 stream processors and the other variant, the Vega M GL, has 20 compute units, with 1280 stream processors. Those GPUs are combined on a large substrate with an Intel Kaby Lake processor including an Intel HD 630 GPU and, moreover, 4GB of HBM2 memory is linked to the GPU and CPU via a 1024bit bus.

Four processors have been announced with Vega M on board, two of each variant, with TDPs of 100W and 65W. The more powerful versions have slightly higher clocked GPUs and HBM2 memory than the 65W versions. In all cases, the processors communicate with the Vega GPU via 8 pci-e lanes. Intel makes use of its emib technology, a method to realize fast interconnects between different dies without high costs and complicated production methods.

The new processors should find their way to high-end laptops and compact desktop computers, such as Intel’s own NUC, whose variants with the new Intel processor with Radeon Graphics have already been announced. The variants with GH GPU on board should compete with systems that have a GTX 1060 mobile GPU on board, while the GL variants could compete with systems with GTX 1050 mobile GPUs.

Processor Core i7-8809G Core i7-8709G Core i7-8705G Core i5-8305G
GPU Radeon RX Vega M GH Radeon RX Vega M GL
GPU compute units 24 CUs (1536 SPs) 20 CUs (1280 SPs)
gpu clock 1063MHz (1190MHz boost) 931MHz (1101MHz boost)
Hbm2 memory 4GB
Hbm2 speed 800MHz 700MHz
GPU computing power Up to 3.7tflops (sp) Up to 2.6tflops (sp)
CPU cores/threads 4/8
CPU speed (base) 3.1GHz 3.1GHz 3.1GHz 2.8GHz
CPU speed (turbo) 4.2GHz 4.1GHz 4.1GHz 3.8GHz
Integrated GPU Intel HD 630
tdp 100W 65W
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