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Intel denies that it has stopped developing 10nm chip production

Intel has announced on Twitter that it has not stopped developing the 10nm process. The American chipmaker responds to a rumor from earlier in the day, stating that Intel would have deleted the 10nm node.

In the message on Twitter Intel tells us that the previous messages in the media is not correct. This is a rumor from SemiAccurate, which relied on unnamed sources within Intel. According to Intel, good progress is being made in the 10nm process, although no further details are mentioned.

The company states that the yields improve and that this is consistent with a timeline that is during the last quarterly figures. shared. Bob Swan, Intel’s CFO and interim CEO, said that Intel could make large quantities of 10nm processors in 2019 and that yields continue to improve. By the end of 2019, the first 10nm chips should be released.

The website Semiaccurate has been skeptical about the feasibility of Intel’s 10nm chip production. The release of 10nm chips from Intel has been waiting for some time . The company is struggling to produce cost-effectively and in sufficient quantities of chips on this smaller node . Since 2014, Intel is at 14nm, although that production process has improved.

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