Instagram now lets users put music in their Story

Instagram goes well, especially the Stories. These are now viewed by more than 400 million people a day, which alone makes that part twice as big as competitor Snapchat . To celebrate that they have added a new feature to Stories, namely that you can add music to your Story posts . The feature is already being rolled out in the iOS and Android apps of Instagram today.

It works like this: you can add a new “music sticker” to your Story. This can be found next to the GIF and location stickers. Instagram has its own library of music where they say they have thousands of songs in it and before you add a song in the preview you can listen for a while to see if it fits with what you have filmed – or is going to film.

Music in your Instagram Story

That’s a nice extra for iOS users: adding the music before you start filming. This way you can match what happens on the screen with the music. That function is finally rolled out for Android, according to Instagram very quickly. You can also simply adjust the music via a slider, so that you can use exactly the piece of music that you need.

A very nice update, although it is a pity that this is not the Spotify integration that was talked about at the last F8 conference. So you can not use any track on Insta, it depends on the licenses Instagram has managed to arrange with artists and labels. It is not clear whether the function will also be usable in Instagram’s new IGTV, although that could lead to a new phenomenon: people who do dances on entire songs by an artist.


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