Instagram does not enter ‘regramming’ and that is a great idea

Last week it came again: Instagram would be testing with the possibility to be able to repost someone else’s Instagram post on your own feed. Just after that rumor came out, Instagram said that this is not the case and that we do not have to expect the function, at least not in the near future.

The main reason is actually quite simple: Facebook (and with it Instagram) is not waiting for even more fake news and if something is guaranteed to increase that problem then it is the possibility to forward someone else’s posts. So that is not a good idea.

From Instagram to Facebook

In addition, it also affects what Instagram is at the base. Everything you put on Instagram (the screenshot of someone else and leaving it aside) is yours. If regimens would be possible you can no longer assume that what you see on someone’s feed also comes from them. That causes Instagram to follow Facebook, where your timeline is suddenly filled with random regrams and ‘viral’ jokes, so that the fun, ordinary posts of the people you follow are going to drown.

That all makes Instagram a different kind of fake, the kind of fake people soon enough of. Since Facebook use is structurally waning, especially among young people, nobody is waiting for Instagram there. At Stories it is basically possible to process someone else’s content in your own story, but because Stories are volatile, that is much less of an issue and the possibility of getting the snowball rolling is also a lot trickier.

Fine decision

Instagram is different from Facebook, Twitter and the rest and that is fine. The choice of Instagram to make regrams in any case not yet possible is not so crazy, according to users. They reported relatively massively after the rumor came out to not do this anyway. And with a billion users by now, it is wise to listen to them.